Well I suppose I have said hello in enough ways to thoroughly announce my presence in the knitting corner of the blogosphere. I’m sorry if I have misspelled any of them. I have decided to call my blog spinayarn because way back when, when people got together and told stories it was called spinning a yarn. Although that usually meant that the stories were false I promise all my ramblings will be true. I value personal privacy so everyone I mention on here will have a false name, I will also (if this goes as planned) stick to knitting. I have not yet decided on a pseudonym for myself but I will let you know the next time I post. Names are one thing that is important. When I design something I start with an idea or name then using that I create the pattern. It’s sort of backwards I know but hey, I’m so new to this anything goes I guess. I enjoy lace work and fair isle has my name written all over it. I do actually know how to spin yarn myself but my skills are pretty elementary. I have just recently finished a fair isle hat that I found held my attention well. It’s called Rhapsody (by Terry Morris).

                                                                      Rhapsody hat


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