Why knitting and soccer don’t mix

Today I went to a soccer game. I am not the an expert on soccer so I took the Podster gloves with me. As the game progressed I noticed that the spectators were becoming increasingly more and more noisy. The screams of “off sides off sides” and “follow the ball blue” increased in frequency at a rate directly proportional to the lack of appropriate calls by the ref. The apex was I think, when the other teams’ coach said to the ref “we were really offsides”.  As we fell further and further behind I could feel the fans staring at my needles. I held the gloves closer to me and slouched in my seat. I began to fear for my dpns. If things got violent enough I am sure that my needles would have been used as weapons. I’m just glad I wasn’t knitting a sweater with size twelve needles. That might have made things a little bloody…    Oh yeah this was a game played by twelve-year olds…

Here is my left hand glove at home safe and sound

I’m just about to start the thumb.


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