A Knitting Safari

Yesterday I had written I dinky little post about how I was so insane, but because my laptop was spazzing out it didn’t post it. In a way I’m glad. I t was rather pathetic. I am now ashamed of said post. I just didn’t have anything to write about. Today I do.

I just love seeing knitted goodies out in the wild. Now keep that in mind and it will make sense. I was working this afternoon and I was waiting on a nice lady who was wearing a wonderful red sweater. I asked her (because that’s the kind of person I am) if she had knitted the sweater herself. She told me she hadn’t knitted in a couple of years because her arthritis in her back was bad. She said it  was calming. Such a sweet lady. The sweater was pretty sweet too. I had bobbles and a basket weave pattern. There was some k1 p1 ribbing. The yarn was fire engine red and it looked so so soft. I wish I had a picture.

Today I was sketching out a new design. This one is called FrankenSkein I’m not sure where or if I’ve heard the term before but It stuck. It’s a child’s toy or decoration. I figure it won’t be out for a while seeing as I still have many gifts to knit. I think this post is better than the one that wasn’t meant to be.

Ps. I just realized that post was saved as a page, go figure

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