A Note From The Past

Today when I got home the adjective that could best describe the afternoon was “soggy”. The yard, the trees, everything. Perfect knitting weather. When I got inside I started the spaghetti sauce. By that time it was about 5:00, my yard looked like this:

 and this . Note the dear on the left. 😉 I sat down on the couch and keeping an eye on the clock I got down to business on the O.S.W. At 8:00 it looked like this:


Here it is at 9:00: I’m about to start the collar…

Here it is at 10:21 when it went from W.I.P to F.O:

 Here’s some pictures of it afterwards. This was the closest I had to an actual baby.   


*Note* this post was written on 11/14/11 but due to technical errors I was unable to post it until now. Thanks for being so patient.

I also finished Tychus. I’ll have some pictures of that next time.


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