The Aftermath

Here are the pictures of my Fo gifts …time elapses… Ok I guess I describe them verbally (Of course the uploader-thingy won’t work today).  Wellis a scarf I designed that is called Falling Leaves. Tychus was a hit. Unfortunately I did not finish Men’s Socks. I wasn’t even close. Like still on the first one not even 2/3 done with that one. I did manage to give the recipient a different gift but I still feel Bad. Maybe he can have them for father’s day. He’s my grandfather so I guess I counts… Sigh. I don’t know what to knit now. My mother is requesting a cardigan and I wanted to make a scarf for my stepfather for his birthday. (I got him a Harley shirt for Christmas… He collects them and I’m not sure if I could knit one.) Well another year is almost over… Oh yeah! I almost forgot! My darling brother got me a lovely drop spindle. I’ve been spinning all day.


One thought on “The Aftermath

  1. You got through more than I did then. I still have yet to finish off my mil’s requests. I think I’m going to use my time to spin today too though…when I can get some. Ever heard of a vacation where you’re still working? I’m on it, lol!

    Can’t wait to see your spindle!

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