Books, Books, and More Books!

I am an avid reader, as you may have guessed. If not that’s ok too. You may have not noticed but up by the post title there is a new page. It is labeled My Knitting Library. While the name isn’t very creative it gets the message across. If you click on this tab you will see all the knitting books I have. I have tried to include a link with each book, if I can. I hope this link will be of use to someone, anyone, in the future. I didn’t realize until I had listed my books I had so many. Then i looked, there aren’t all that many, the titles are just long. Check it out if you can. 

I increased Cable Dress and Hat about 1/2 inch. Organization takes away from my knitting time. I hope to get some knitting time in during the “Big Game”. Hope you all get to too. 😉


3 thoughts on “Books, Books, and More Books!

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