Aesop I am not

The other night I pulled out Cable Dress and was all ready to get several inches of progress done but alas…

 I discovered two rows in that I had done the Stockinette backwards. I unravelled it and knitted it of my cable needle and success!

        you can’t even tell. Good as new.

Here are some over all pictures of it from the back and the front.


There’s probably a moral to this… Maybe, “Don’t knit when I’m so tired?”

Ps. Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures my camera is acting weird


One thought on “Aesop I am not

  1. This is the second cable dress I’ve seen on the blogs tonight. I hope that’s not a sign!! I have enough to deal with without knitting a dress these days, lol! Yours appears to be coming along wonderfully!

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