Breakfast of Champions

At work there are three of us who read the paper during lunch break Jack looks to see who was arrested (any ex-students?), Larry looks to see who died, and I ,my friends, read the comics for the most part. Simply because all my friends are crazy gossips so I hear about everything through them and most of the time the stuff is dry or depressing. So anyway, today I was reading the comics and here is what the Garfield one looked like:

 Cartoon By Jim Davis

Does anybody else have the missing sock problem?

I’ve been working on pt two of Men’s Socks but I’m still on the cuff so it’s more of the same.


One thought on “Breakfast of Champions

  1. I SO do!! Girl Child always takes her shoes and socks off when she gets in and if you don’t catch her in time, there’s always that one sock she loses….She’s really good at that.

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