Running Commentary

Throughout today,  when I get a chance I will be posting my pictures from Peru and of my fos, cast ons, and assorted canines. Suffice to say if you check once there might be more later…

This is Saqsaywaman wich sounds like Sexy woman when said by your local tour guide. We thought that was hysterical. Aren’t we mature?

Here’s Macchu Picchu the view is beautiful but the road in (17 switch-backs) is terrifying.


We learned the difference betwwen llamas (the spotted one) and alpacas (the shaggy ones) on a farm. The alpacas were so soft it was like petting a cloud with dredlocks.

This is Moray the famous concentric circles. Turns out that the Incans used these terrices for genetic engineering their crops.

This is Morras, the salt flats. Salt water comes up from a natural deposit is the earth and the water flows through aqueducts and into little pools where the water evaporates. Then the salt is hauled out in 110-pound bags by hand.

We split a guinea pig amongst ourselves. Nobody really liked it. It was like pork a little bit.

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