Something Worth Blogging About

Today I was waiting on a lady and I noticed that on her hand-knit felted purse she had a pin that said “I knit therefore I am” I commented and told her how much I liked her purse. She told me she made it herself. When I informed her that I was a knitter as well she said “Oh so YOU’RE the knitter.”

Ummm… Ok.

She assured me it was all good. Apparently the owner of the lys had mentioned me because of living on the other side of a long-term construction project that increases the time it takes to voyage into town by about say fifteen or twenty minutes… Needless to say my trips to said lys have decreased in response to that, gas prices, and my quitting time. Weirdness aside, I did a little happy dance in my head, now I have something worth blogging about. See? I do really think about you guys when I’m off-line.

Anyway, part two: The dogs got taken to the creek for a bath with some nice biodegradable shampoo.

F.Y.I. when you walk into this plant it sounds like a rattle snake <insert me trying to stiffle a very high-pitched scream here>

Coal enjoying the creek

Wilbur wants a ride from Coal, he’s really just a big ‘fraidy cat

And here’s Coal rolling in the sand after his bath


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