I’m on Fire but I’m not a Liar

The writer of this blog awarded me the “Blog on Fire” Award.

In return I have to list eight interesting things about my pets. So here goes:

  1. My cat is named Persephone from Greek Mythology
  2. My dog Wilbur was called Chocolate Chunk by his first family.
  3. Coal and Wilbur love to play fetch or tug-of-war with the corn cobs that we put out for the dear
  4. Wilbur loves to climb on top of our wood pile
  5. Coal loves to eat ants, he follows the then he pounces (rather like a cat)
  6. Wilbur rolls onto his belly for a rub when he knows he’s been bad (like when he does his bussiness inside)
  7. Wilbur will lick up the breath-freashener bits I put in his food first, then eat the rest
  8. Both dogs bark when people start clapping loudly (My other labs didn’t care at all so I think it’s strange)

Thank you for the nomination Agujas! Here are my blogs

Canary Knits – Every Friday an indie-designer is brought into the spotlight

Host of Daffodils– She’s still a student, but she was just published on Knitty.com

Weekend Knitter– Follow her sock-making odyssey

Knitting in Beantown– Regular W.I.P. Wednesdays and F.O. Fridays

Knitting to Stay Sane– She’s detailing the art of sweater-construction

Knit and Tonic– A funny take on life

Wendy Knits– She just finished an awesome mitered square jacket

Crayons and Milk– Teaching someone to knit. Awesome!

These are my nominees, in no particular order. Go check them out!

Here are the stars of my post!


Coal as a wee baby

Wilbur as a wee baby


2 thoughts on “I’m on Fire but I’m not a Liar

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