Identity Crisis

On Saturday I started knitting a medium-sized simple bear from Emma King’s The Best-Dressed Knitted Bear.

I swatched

And swatched

And finally decided that I was going to knit said bear on a pair of number 5s and use a slightly larger than specified gauge.

It started out slow, but I knitted like a maniac and finished her yesterday night. Here she is all finished:

She’s not sure what she is… So far I’ve had cat, dog, bear. Her face is a little crooked. She also looks rather masculine but I hope the little ballet outfit I’ve started (I’m in the beginning stages of swatching) will help with that. I don’t know why I worry, she’s going to a one-year-old who will probably name her Dah! Which is what she calls her Dad, Mom, dogs, people walking dogs, seagulls. You get the picture. Anyway I’ve decided to call her, until further notice, Identity Crisis.

Ps. Here’s For The Love of Cables yarn, It went from scarf to nice little cinnamon-bun looking piles.

Kinda like monkey bread, huh?


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