I’m Just As Bad

Now-a-days you hear Christmas commercials the second Halloween is over. No matter your religion you cannot escape. Every year I rant and rave about how commercial our world has become. how, when the wish list of local first-graders are published, all they want are video games. And this year I’m just as bad. IT’s no later than September 13th and I’m worried about Christmas gifts, when to make, and long it will take to finish them. You see, this year, I have the largest list ever. I’ve been going at it since March and I am still behind. It struck me today how similar my mind-set is to K-Mart and Toys R Us, yet how different…

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system… Here are my pictures of Identity Crisis for little Rosie’s birthday. The book that I bought to go with it (Swan Lake) arrived last night so I had a photo shoot.

Here’s the skirt in the end I took it in in four places and sewed it to her. I figured “a one-year-old will turn her into a stripper other wise”.

These re the pieces of the cardigan. I added a button-hole on the one edge to keep it closed. Look on my Ravelry projects for my altered row.

Here it is all sewn up.

Here’s my final show with the book. That illustration is the same as the cover. A word on the book. I think it’s a great story. It has a simple vocabulary but that does not detract from it. It’s also short. The font’s a little wonky though. You can buy it on Amazon.com. The author of this adaptation is Lisbeth Zwerger.


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