For the Love of Cables Pt. 2 (A Rocky Start)

I started For the Love of Cables the other day. The pattern is a different style than I’m used to so there were a few misfires, but one I got rolling it went pretty smooth. The pattern’s simple too.

And then of course there is this. The last thing I should be doing right now.

And this one.

It’s not actually a flower, it’s a border with which you could yarn bomb something like a phone cord on a payphone (not that there are lots of payphones these days).

Yep I taught myself to crochet, now you know I’ve tried it once before but it fust didn’t click, but this time it did. It’s actually very addicting. I don’t really see the whole crochet vs. knitting argument, they’re totally different. Anyway, I’ll try to keep the crochet to a minimum since this is a knitting blog. Here’s a box I found, I think I’ll put the Macho Mechanic scarf in it when I give it as a gift.


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