I read a tutorial on this blog (that I found on this blog). It was very thorough and it made me think “huh” why not try it. It was simple enough, there are  walnuts lying around out the wazoo this time of year (Or so I thought, I could only find two). It was also pretty easy to smash them open and heat up the rinds (hulls?) in a pot of water. This is what the wool looked like beforehand:

Here’s what it looked like while it was soaking


Here’s what it looked like in the end

It’s so pretty, I was a little nervous; I was not sure how it would turn out. It’s like spinning straw into gold or something like that…

As I’m sure you all have noticed spinayarnknit looks a different. I’m in the process of giving her a facelift; ignore the stock photo in the header. Also,  if any random half-baked posts missing photos show up that’s because I’ve been working off of my new iPod more and more, and I have not quite got the drafts part down.


4 thoughts on “Rumplestiltskin

  1. I love the brown you got! It seems that there’s all kinds of browns from walnuts depending on whether they were heated or not, how long they soaked, the point on their life cycle they were picked or gathered, etc. It’s fun to see all the variations on the blogs.

    • Yeah I just kind of threw it together heated it and let it sit all afternoon until about 11:00 pm that night then I rinsed it out and let it dry out. I can’t wait to spin it!

  2. My daughter has walnut tree in her backyard, and I have gathered walnuts several years in a row with the intent of dying with them, but I have never done it so far. Your color turned out really pretty, perhaps it will give me the push I need to actually try it myself.

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