For the Love of Cables Pt 5 ( Buttons )

When I bind off FTLOC ( someday… ) I will need two buttons. Ladies and Gentlemen you no longer have to wonder what buttons I plan to use. I have decided to use two buttons from a set of three. These were originally to be used on a scarf. I have since realized that ,after two years if faithful service, said scarf does not need any buttons.
Also, I have been working on knitting FTLOC. I would love to give a measurement to express my progress but alas I seem to have misplaced my measuring tape. Now, of course, I could simply go buy another one but if I do the other one will invariably show itself at the next opportunity. I will just dig out a ruler tonight Andy measure it. ( Why am I thinking of this just now?!) for now it looks like its about eight inches of the twenty it needs to be.


About eight inches



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