For the Love of Cables pt.6 ( 8 1/4 inches)

Well I found my measuring tape right where it was supposed to be. In my jewelry box turned knitting flotsam and jetsam catch-all. How’s that for a name? I’m glad I didn’t go out and buy a new one. Anyway when I measured F.T.L.O.C. it was eight and a quarter inches long. Sigh. I’m not quite on the downhill slide yet but I will bet you a skein of yarn (not really, I’m to much of a yarn ferret) that I will finish it tomorrow. Somehow I managed to move my knitting chair to the other side of the room. This was a particularly Herculean feet because a hurt my ankle stacking wood on saturday. Normal walking is okay so I’ll just put a cold pack on it and pray for the best. I really do not want to drive anywhere in this weather, not that I think my doctor would be crazy enough to stay open. I was pretty busy today (I was lucky enough, my work was closed today and will be tomorrow too). I did a load of laundry first thing this morning after turning the radio on to see whether I would have to travel forty five minutes to work, I am not getting caught in a power outage without clean clothes. The ten-gallon water jug was filled up as was the bath tub (now it won’t stop dripping an it’s driving me crazy). I marshaled all my candles and matches. Once again we come back to my knitting chair the reason I moved it was so I will have some sort of natural light when the lights flicker and do not come back on. Amid all the craziness I did get some crocheting done. I made a marshmallow werewolf amigurimi and a candy corn frankenstein. I better go the lights are doing quite an impressive strobe light impersonation. Hope you all will be high and dry this weekend.

*Note this post was published late due to Hurricane Sandy


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