Residual Bellyache

A little Halloween treat for me!

When I was a child we lived too far out in the country for trick-or-treating. Now as an adult I always make sure I get something sweet for this day in late October. As you can see, I have begun sampling the peeps. I have a hard time leaving the alone long enough for them to get stale and crunchy. Tonight though, I received something much more valuable than ghost-shaped marshmallows; my grandmother gave me her mother’s crochet hook. It’s about a hundred and ten years old.

And yes my nails are black for Halloween.


2 thoughts on “Residual Bellyache

    • The hooks will always precious to me. I have another old one that a coworker gave me, it was his mother’s and, he believes, her mother’s.
      Peeps are little marshmallows with coloured sugar on them. There are different kinds for each holiday. For Easter there are chicks, Christmas; reindeer.

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