For The Love of Cables Pt. 7 (Multitasking)

I should have my blinders on, charging down the straightaway toward Christmas, FTLOC in one hand, Jess’s bag in the other but yet again I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I went to the yarn store and this what I bought:

Some of that is for Christmas ornaments and the green and white and dark brown yarn is for Jess’s jewelry bag. On another note: my mother bought this lamp. Does it remind any one else of this pattern by Franklin Habit. I was talking to Patrice and she confirmed that fruit was in style in the mid 1,900s. She and her mother spent a lot of time crocheting grape themed doilies. On another note, I’ve decided to make a yarn bomb tag called Mr. Dino Rawr. Make of that what you want. I’m planning to leave it when I visit my brother’s family for thanksgiving. If I have time to finish it, that is. Here’s my progress on FTLOC, I’m almost done!

I forgot the picture of the lamp, sigh, Christmas can’t come to soon.



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