Falalalala lalalala

I’m no Gift Wrap Guru but I’m certainly not gift wrap-challenged. Last night though I was having some trouble. With the ends mainly. They just weren’t even. I managed to squeeze F.T.L.O.C. into this box:

I thought putting it in such a small box would throw her off since she’s getting exactly what she wanted. Maybe it’ll bring back a little bit of the surprise. I wrapped everything up last night except the bag and Booties. I’m so close though.

Fralinger’s Salt Water Taffy. This box had been passed around for years. I remember when my SIL got it for the first time she thought it actually was taffy. I’m putting Pop’s Socks in it.
Here’s all my knit gifts. Quite a pile right? I’m gonna make it! Jingling all the way too.



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