Swiss Cheese; Does not Make Good Cookies

A friend of mine asked me to make a fortune cookie for him like the one I had made. Now as you may or may not know, I am one of those people who is always knitting things for others (ahem-the past two Christmases-ahem). Who am I to say no? (Oh by the way I gave Blue Scarf to Lynn. She left for Texas today. She’ll really need it down there) I started it yesterday morning and by the time I got home last night I had the shell done. I had already realized that I had used a larger hook than the first time but I though “It’ll turn out alright.” (Do you hear the siren screaming “GAUGE! GAUGE! GAUGE!” and flashing red?)

9:05 PM- I wove in the ends and saw all the holes from using a larger hook. A little voice in the back of my head said “uh-oh”.

9:19 PM- I started sewing the  shell up. I rationalized “It’ll look better when it’s done…” 


9:23 PM- I started on the fortune using 5 sts across on size U.S. 9 needles

9:39 PM- Upon close examination I realized that fortune’s edge wasn’t very smooth.


I restarted it and slipped a stich at the end of each row.


See? Much smoother.

9:10 PM- I started the embroidery on the fortune to make sure it was long enough.


This seems to be coming along fine. (Crosses fingers)

Much, Much Later: I stuffed the shell just to see what it looked like.


It has more holes than swiss cheese. I’ll have to redo it. This time with a smaller hook. Does anyone else have days like these?

Your Lucky numbers are: K2, P2, K2TOG, M1

It wasn’t until I finished the envelope cable needle holder that I realized I didn’t want to ever use it. What did I do? I got my hook out and went back at it.


It’s a fortune cookie.


I thought this was rather creative.


Persephone is not amused.

I finished my friend’s, Lynn, scarf. For yarn information check my project page.


The weather is very wet, rainy, icy, and cold but I decided to try taking pictures outside.

IMG_2031   IMG_2028

I gave up rather quickly and took the rest of the photos inside. It’s worked sideways with double crochet, only six rows wide. I tried it on last night and was surprised at how warm it is. It’s thin but warm, a good quality.


Last night I watched Indiana Jones Kingdom of the Crystal Scull (yes, I know I watch a lot of movies- don’t judge me!) and at first I wanted to work on Mr. Dino Rawr.

IMG_1990     IMG_1994

The one on the right is the star of his spikes along his back.

But, before the opening credits were over I knew it wasn’t going to work out. I just wasn’t comfortable crocheting without a pattern and watching a movie at the same time. I put that down and picked up Cable Dress.


I worked at it and managed to knit about seven rows. I kept losing my cable needle. Eventually I couldn’t find it at all. I spent the last fifteen minutes of the movie thinking about how annoying cable needles are. I came to the conclusion that some sort of pin cushion type thing was needed to keep my escape-driven needles in line. After the movie I dug around looking to see if I possessed such a pattern. All I could find was a pattern called Marlyn’s Handy Hooker. No lie. It’s a pattern in the same calender that Cable dress come from. Its shape reminds me of a pineapple. Marlyn seems to have had the same problem as me. Her design is a pincushion that hangs around one’s neck. Name aside I knew I did not want a pineapple around my neck. After a while I came up with an idea for a letter shaped one crocheted (because that’s SO much better than a pineapple). I figure it’ll keep me busy for today, then hopefully my problem will be solved.

*Note : Marlyn’s Handy Hooker was originally published in Cast On magazine

*Note: If you were wondering where the pictures of my new yarn were, I inserted them into that post. Go check them out!

Snow Day

Like most of the country, I had off on Monday. I made the most of my free day; puttering around working here, finishing there. I finished my monster foot yarnbomb (by Mandy Moore).


I also finally got a good portion of Mr. Dino Rawr done.


He’s a yarnbomb as well. The green crocheting will slip over top of the rock and with a few embellishments he’ll look like a dinosaur.

I published Deciduous. It can be found on Ravelry as well.  I had a chance to try them out when I went to run some errands, they kept my hands warm nicely.

Persephone spent most of the day sitting below our bay window. There’s a bird feeder just outside of it. She’ll wait patiently, then when the moment is right, she’ll strike. The glass pain. Once she realizes she can’t get to the birds she’ll sit on the window sill and stare them down. This will repeat itself whenever we leave the blind up. She may be the sweetest cat I’ve ever met but she isn’t very smart. At all. Once the snow picked up all the birds vacated the feeder.

IMG_1971    IMG_1970

Persephone then proceeded to take a nap. That night I worked a few rows on Cable Dress while I watched The Train. Burt Lancaster plays in it. While I was digging in the attic I found this caddy.


It’s to put horse grooming tools in, but seeing as I do not own a horse, I decided to use it to hold my knitting around the house. It’s not particularly attractive but it works quite well. All in all it was a nice snow day.


I finished Deciduous this morning.


I am writing up the pattern today and I hope to have it posted, on Ravelry and here, by Monday. My mother saw Deciduous while it was still a W.I.P. and now wants her own pair in “tropical” colors.

On the fourteenth I ordered three skeins of yarn from a yarn shop  in Portland of all places. Thursday they arrived.


They’re individually wrapped in tissue paper. I enjoyed unwrapping them. It was rather like Christmas.


It’s Ambiente by Schoppel-Wolle, 100% virgin wool, sport weight, 50g per skein, 169 yards per skein. The colorway is 1863magic. I’m thinking a pair of socks. I would like to design them myself, the only problem is that I wouldn’t be able to come up with the heel on my own.

I was on the knitty blog the other day and I found a very cool commercial for natural gas.

The company covered-then unravled- a house with knitting.

And It’s Only Tuesday

You may remember Bow Wow Beanie,


my December Design It! entry on Ravelry. He received eight votes and got good feedback in general. I have added his pattern on the My Design page for free. He (funny how he has a gender) is also searchable on Ravelry under the pattern search option. It was quite a challenge to add him to Ravelry, I am not what you would call computer literate. I call guru Jamison for that. But for whatever reason (I think I had a crazy-knitter strain of the flu) I decided to try it on my own. I shouldn’t have been all that difficult but I read too much into the directions on the site, which were quite simple. It took me about two hours (One and a half more than it should have).

Deciduous is coming along as well, I got hung up for a while on the decreases. But then I really made some progress, albeit I’m still on the first one. I’m at six inches now.


I think I’ ll be able to finish them by Friday if I have enough time.

On Friday I bought an issue of QuickKnits. On page 50, I came across a project using Sari Silk Ribbons. The blurb before the article describes it as strips of silk twisted into ribbons and knit like yarn. This piqued my curiosity. I did a little googling and this is what I came up with. It is a Pintrest site, (what is the correct term? Bulliton board?) but the comments on the pictures explain it nicely. When I bought the magazine I also bought a skein of yarn.


A friend of mine wants a scarf. Who am I to say no? She asked very nicely. I’m planning to crochet it. Maybe double crochet… I’m not quite sure but, I think it will be horizontally crocheted.


While Cable Dress is many things -soft, pretty, easy, fun, relaxing- portable is not one of them. So I surveyed my hibernating W.I.P.s, but wasn’t feeling any of them, so I dug around in my stash and came up with a skein of Lion Brand Tweed Stripes. It’s a gold-green with brown. I think it wants to be a pair (or at least part of a pair) of fingerless gloves. So, ignoring the pair of podster gloves languishing away, I cast on Tuesday night.

I started with a nice K2 P2 ribbing then, I realized I wanted something more lace-like. After some insomniac-musing I came up with a leaf design using only knits and purls.



On  Monday night I cast on again. This time, using the leaf pattern. I dub thee Deciduous (So I can envision nice leafy trees even though this area is still entombed in over a foot of snow).


Using these needles and the yarn that I am, the knitting goes by rather quickly.That’s about one and a half to two inches. There hasn’t even been much time for it. This’ll be a quick knit I’m sure and I’ll write up the pattern. Mostly, I’m looking forward to not being so cold at work .


I was discussing the knitting needles with my boyfriend (The ones I’m using are the ones he got me for Christmas.) He asked me if they worked well. I’m not sure how they wouldn’t but it was sweet he asked.