While Cable Dress is many things -soft, pretty, easy, fun, relaxing- portable is not one of them. So I surveyed my hibernating W.I.P.s, but wasn’t feeling any of them, so I dug around in my stash and came up with a skein of Lion Brand Tweed Stripes. It’s a gold-green with brown. I think it wants to be a pair (or at least part of a pair) of fingerless gloves. So, ignoring the pair of podster gloves languishing away, I cast on Tuesday night.

I started with a nice K2 P2 ribbing then, I realized I wanted something more lace-like. After some insomniac-musing I came up with a leaf design using only knits and purls.



On  Monday night I cast on again. This time, using the leaf pattern. I dub thee Deciduous (So I can envision nice leafy trees even though this area is still entombed in over a foot of snow).


Using these needles and the yarn that I am, the knitting goes by rather quickly.That’s about one and a half to two inches. There hasn’t even been much time for it. This’ll be a quick knit I’m sure and I’ll write up the pattern. Mostly, I’m looking forward to not being so cold at work .


I was discussing the knitting needles with my boyfriend (The ones I’m using are the ones he got me for Christmas.) He asked me if they worked well. I’m not sure how they wouldn’t but it was sweet he asked.


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