And It’s Only Tuesday

You may remember Bow Wow Beanie,


my December Design It! entry on Ravelry. He received eight votes and got good feedback in general. I have added his pattern on the My Design page for free. He (funny how he has a gender) is also searchable on Ravelry under the pattern search option. It was quite a challenge to add him to Ravelry, I am not what you would call computer literate. I call guru Jamison for that. But for whatever reason (I think I had a crazy-knitter strain of the flu) I decided to try it on my own. I shouldn’t have been all that difficult but I read too much into the directions on the site, which were quite simple. It took me about two hours (One and a half more than it should have).

Deciduous is coming along as well, I got hung up for a while on the decreases. But then I really made some progress, albeit I’m still on the first one. I’m at six inches now.


I think I’ ll be able to finish them by Friday if I have enough time.

On Friday I bought an issue of QuickKnits. On page 50, I came across a project using Sari Silk Ribbons. The blurb before the article describes it as strips of silk twisted into ribbons and knit like yarn. This piqued my curiosity. I did a little googling and this is what I came up with. It is a Pintrest site, (what is the correct term? Bulliton board?) but the comments on the pictures explain it nicely. When I bought the magazine I also bought a skein of yarn.


A friend of mine wants a scarf. Who am I to say no? She asked very nicely. I’m planning to crochet it. Maybe double crochet… I’m not quite sure but, I think it will be horizontally crocheted.


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