Snow Day

Like most of the country, I had off on Monday. I made the most of my free day; puttering around working here, finishing there. I finished my monster foot yarnbomb (by Mandy Moore).


I also finally got a good portion of Mr. Dino Rawr done.


He’s a yarnbomb as well. The green crocheting will slip over top of the rock and with a few embellishments he’ll look like a dinosaur.

I published Deciduous. It can be found on Ravelry as well.  I had a chance to try them out when I went to run some errands, they kept my hands warm nicely.

Persephone spent most of the day sitting below our bay window. There’s a bird feeder just outside of it. She’ll wait patiently, then when the moment is right, she’ll strike. The glass pain. Once she realizes she can’t get to the birds she’ll sit on the window sill and stare them down. This will repeat itself whenever we leave the blind up. She may be the sweetest cat I’ve ever met but she isn’t very smart. At all. Once the snow picked up all the birds vacated the feeder.

IMG_1971    IMG_1970

Persephone then proceeded to take a nap. That night I worked a few rows on Cable Dress while I watched The Train. Burt Lancaster plays in it. While I was digging in the attic I found this caddy.


It’s to put horse grooming tools in, but seeing as I do not own a horse, I decided to use it to hold my knitting around the house. It’s not particularly attractive but it works quite well. All in all it was a nice snow day.


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