Last night I watched Indiana Jones Kingdom of the Crystal Scull (yes, I know I watch a lot of movies- don’t judge me!) and at first I wanted to work on Mr. Dino Rawr.

IMG_1990     IMG_1994

The one on the right is the star of his spikes along his back.

But, before the opening credits were over I knew it wasn’t going to work out. I just wasn’t comfortable crocheting without a pattern and watching a movie at the same time. I put that down and picked up Cable Dress.


I worked at it and managed to knit about seven rows. I kept losing my cable needle. Eventually I couldn’t find it at all. I spent the last fifteen minutes of the movie thinking about how annoying cable needles are. I came to the conclusion that some sort of pin cushion type thing was needed to keep my escape-driven needles in line. After the movie I dug around looking to see if I possessed such a pattern. All I could find was a pattern called Marlyn’s Handy Hooker. No lie. It’s a pattern in the same calender that Cable dress come from. Its shape reminds me of a pineapple. Marlyn seems to have had the same problem as me. Her design is a pincushion that hangs around one’s neck. Name aside I knew I did not want a pineapple around my neck. After a while I came up with an idea for a letter shaped one crocheted (because that’s SO much better than a pineapple). I figure it’ll keep me busy for today, then hopefully my problem will be solved.

*Note : Marlyn’s Handy Hooker was originally published in Cast On magazine

*Note: If you were wondering where the pictures of my new yarn were, I inserted them into that post. Go check them out!

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