Swiss Cheese; Does not Make Good Cookies

A friend of mine asked me to make a fortune cookie for him like the one I had made. Now as you may or may not know, I am one of those people who is always knitting things for others (ahem-the past two Christmases-ahem). Who am I to say no? (Oh by the way I gave Blue Scarf to Lynn. She left for Texas today. She’ll really need it down there) I started it yesterday morning and by the time I got home last night I had the shell done. I had already realized that I had used a larger hook than the first time but I though “It’ll turn out alright.” (Do you hear the siren screaming “GAUGE! GAUGE! GAUGE!” and flashing red?)

9:05 PM- I wove in the ends and saw all the holes from using a larger hook. A little voice in the back of my head said “uh-oh”.

9:19 PM- I started sewing the  shell up. I rationalized “It’ll look better when it’s done…” 


9:23 PM- I started on the fortune using 5 sts across on size U.S. 9 needles

9:39 PM- Upon close examination I realized that fortune’s edge wasn’t very smooth.


I restarted it and slipped a stich at the end of each row.


See? Much smoother.

9:10 PM- I started the embroidery on the fortune to make sure it was long enough.


This seems to be coming along fine. (Crosses fingers)

Much, Much Later: I stuffed the shell just to see what it looked like.


It has more holes than swiss cheese. I’ll have to redo it. This time with a smaller hook. Does anyone else have days like these?


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