Chicken Dip!

Hello all! I am feeling a little more like a fellow homo sapien, rather than something that crawled out of the sewers. Amid all of the Super Bowl hustle and bustle (black Outs, Safeties…)  there was chicken dip (so much chicken dip!) and knitting. I managed to knit the whole time. I had swatched on saturday night and I started in earnest just before kickoff.


That’s 83 sts and 16 rows.

I also have a few more acquisitions from Saturday to share.


This is Anya. I bought her (plus her hands) at a thrift store. Total impulse buy. I saw her and thought of Franklin Habit’s Victorian Doll Dress . I’m planning on maybe making her into an angel for the top of a christmas tree. Here’s another picture, it’s to dark to see the colors well in but I really like it so I’m going to post it anyway.


I also bought a small scale.


I’m planning to use it for measuring when making new dyes. Also, here’s a new skein for the February Design It! contest.


I’m thinking a scarf…


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