Chicken Dip!

Hello all! I am feeling a little more like a fellow homo sapien, rather than something that crawled out of the sewers. Amid all of the Super Bowl hustle and bustle (black Outs, Safeties…) ย there was chicken dip (so much chicken dip!) and knitting. I managed to knit the whole time. I had swatched on saturday night and I started in earnest just before kickoff.


That’s 83 sts and 16 rows.

I also have a few more acquisitions from Saturday to share.


This is Anya. I bought her (plus her hands) at a thrift store. Total impulse buy. I saw her and thought of Franklin Habit’s Victorian Doll Dress . I’m planning on maybe making her into an angel for the top of a christmas tree. Here’s another picture, it’s to dark to see the colors well in but I really like it so I’m going to post it anyway.


I also bought a small scale.


I’m planning to use it for measuring when making new dyes. Also, here’s a new skein for the February Design It! contest.


I’m thinking a scarf…

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