Rip it Rip it Rip it…

I have started my entry for the February Design It! Group contest. Persephone has been helping me get some knitting done. Here are some of her classic poses.


The Raindrop


The Yawn


The Baguette

I’ve been  working on rolling up yarn for a knitting group a few friends and I am trying to start. There are three people who want to learn how to knit so I’m trying to get ready for Wednesday.


I’ve been working on Butter Belle like a maniac, which makes this next part all the worse. Here’s BB after I bound off; the body is done.


It is 15 inches long; an inch longer than planned and 22 inches around; 7 inches wider than planned.

IMG_2106  IMG_2107

I did knit a gauge swatch but when I measured again the stitches had stretched by about 1.5 inches each way. I am going to have to unpick the seams and frog all the way back to the beginning. Hopefully this time it will be quicker because she’s smaller…


This is all that remains of Butter Belle. 😥


2 thoughts on “Rip it Rip it Rip it…

  1. I love your kitty! So cute! And, that’s awesome that you are going to teach others how to knit. I love turning people into obsessive knitters- it gives me people to go yarn shopping with! 🙂

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