Warning! Pictures Ahead

Friday I finished  the new Butter Belle. The knitting went rather quickly, the smaller size with a larger gauge will do that. On Saturday I blocked it. ready2block

Getting ready to block.





By Sunday night it was dry. I sewed the it all together Monday and added the snaps. I was pretty proud of myself for figuring out how to hide the thread ends on the snaps.

IMG_2124  IMG_2125  IMG_2126

Make sure all the ends are next to each other. Then slip a small crochet hook under the snap and hook the threads. Pull them through with the hook (It might take a few tries). Then Cut the excess off. Voila! No loose ends!

I finished sewing on the last snap.  When I held it up to examine my heart stopped. The triumphant yell died on my lips. The sleeves were too long. Nine-inch sleeves made it look like it was for a monkey baby. I pulled the sleeves off and as the Bf tried not to laugh, frogged three inches and bound off. While we watched State of the Union (I loved seeing Katharine Hepburn knit. 😉 ) I got the sleeves all fixed up and ready to sew on. Again. (I’m trying -and failing- not to whine…)

Now as you may not know; I write these posts the night before I plan to publish them. It helps me work out the mechanical kinks and decide if I like what I”ve written. Anyway, I had originally planned to let them sit Tuesday and finish it last night. But as my Dell powered off I realized, I have to finish it tonight, It’ll bug me to much otherwise. Plus, the baby is due any day. So… I sewed those sleeves on quickly and grabbed some photos.



I wrote the part below before. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to bed.

I went a hunting the other day. I bought this yarn.


Total impulse buy. I think it’s but ugly.  (But it’s soooo soft!)I have no idea what on earth I could make out of it. Yarn bomb maybe? I also bought these buttons. They’re all I can show you of my entry for the aforementioned Ravelry contest.



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