I Vant To Donate My Blood!!

For the past two years (this makes three) I have been volunteering at the Blood Drives held by the Red Cross. Before I have always been able to work for a half day. This year though, I was able to take off a whole day of work, so I helped out all day. There were three of us who weren’t running the registration or nurses. We escorted the donators from the beds to the “canteen” where they  could have snacks, keep an eye on people to make sure they were feeling ok and help if they did faint (three people did go down, I have rudimentary first-aid skills but… I’m glad the nurses were there), keep the snack tables well stocked (We did make quite a few PB&Js), and generally help out where ever we were needed.



I originally wanted to take my spinning but that would have been too difficult to pick up and put down as frequently as I needed to. I ended up taking a skein of Sensations Cuddle with me  and cast on for a hat.


178 stitches… Oy vey. I like the way it’s coming along though.  Where did you knit in public today?

I was filling the bird feeders a couple of days ago. It was icy, windy, and cold. I think I got more birdseed on the ground that anywhere else. Look what I noticed.


I guess they don’t realize that it’s 26 degrees Farenheit during the day and 14 degrees Farenheit at night.


2 thoughts on “I Vant To Donate My Blood!!

  1. I knit indoors today, actually. It’s the weekend and that’s a rare treat these days, lol. It’s such a noble thing to give your blood. Helping with that must feel good inside. I have nearly fainted at the sight of blood on multiple occasions…But that work is so inspiring!

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