Sping Cleaning

Call it cabin fever but, I’ve been doing a little bit of organizing. I finally got around to organizing my yarn labels in a three-ring binder.


They’re sorted by the majority or their fiber content. So far I have three categories; Mostly Wool, Mostly Synthetic (Polyester, Nylon and Acrylic), and Mostly Plant Fibers (Bamboo and Cotton). I’ve also be organizing my alcove turned studio. I straightened up my binders and containers.


The jewelry box contains cable needles, circular needles, point protectors, snaps, darning needles, sewing needles, safety pins, you  get the idea. The tray inside lifts out.


I reuse the plastic KFC takeout containers as odds ‘n ends holders.


They contain items that I haven’t had a use for yet but they’ve seemed like something I might need in the future.

I bought a skein of Ella Rae Classic Heathers. It’s 1oo% wool yarn. It’s 100g and 219 yards per skein.


Like any good daughter I’m making my father some pot holders for his birthday. The ones he has are looking a little thin… (Insert Pic) On Slouchy Hat I started the second Tinkerbell section today.


I’m  not sure how long the hat will be overall but knitting slouchy hat has given me a great idea for a child’s hat…


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