100th Post

My last project avoided buttons entirely, using snaps to fasten the baby sweater together. My newest project is the complete opposite. It has three button holes! One of which I had to sew (it was not a pretty picture). Anyway here’s Conversation Hearts (Button holes and all):


It’s an iPod case. The background is based of the Eye Spy books.

First I placed the pink backdrop; in this case a scarf and a sweater.


Second I placed the large flat items on top of the backdrop.


Then I layered the large 3-D items.


Next I added the small items


Lastly I situated the case and took pictures. Experimenting with different filters.

I started a second hot pad. This one is seed stitch. I never really liked seed stitch. I could never make it look right. I’d lose count of my knits and purls and end up with sections of stockinette stitch. This time though it clicked. It’s been easy and it’s looking great. I finally figured it out; it’s columns of knit stitches and columns of purl stitches. It staggers the ridges that come with garter stitch.



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