I felted the third hot pad yesterday.


It was like magic. I threw it into two hot wash/cold rinse cycles and voila! It had felted. I am totally smitten. Note to self: Look into felting once you have time. I’m sewing the shell of the fortune cookie together and knitting/embroidering the fortune.


Not surprisingly it is going to say “Happy Birthday!”. I saw these when I checked Knit one Felt Too By: Kathleen Taylor (I checked it out to be a guide for felting the pot holder. It’s a great book; very informative.).


Page 91. They’re called Bunny Hoppers. They’re perfectly adorable. I’m thinking they’ll be the perfect Easter gift for Rosie. I’ll hop right to it if the yarn I ordered would come. No pun intended. I am also starting my March entry for design it. Socks. I cannot say more, except… Do you remember Ambiente?

Also, if you want to vote in the February Design it! challenge click here

2 thoughts on “Voila!

    • I’m a self-professed purple lover. There are three shades in each skein. The orange shooting through it is just color geneous. I thought I wouldn’t like the orange but it adds another dimension to the *ahem* W.I.P. Cn you tell I’m a color person?

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