Friday, Finally

It seems like this week has been extra busy. I finished Klya’s fortune cookie.


I wrapped the hot pads as well.


The yarn for Bunny Hoppers came yesterday.


I can’t wait to get started. The S.S.P. (Super Secret Project) is going great. I wish I could show you all the progress but… Alas the rules! I have had a lot of extra knitting time lately. This is quite fortuitous and I hope it’ll continue through the rest of the month. Bearing that in mind I have a list of W.I.P.s that I want to turn into F.O.s by the end of the month in the order it needs to happen.

  • Bunny Hoppers By: Kathleen Taylor (Insert Link)
  • S.S.P. By: Me (entry for the March installment of Design it!)
  • Slouchy Hat By: Me

While it’s not a very long list it is a very high-reaching one. Slouchy Hat has several inches left. About four I think. I am going to start Bunny Hoppers tonight but I do need to felt a swatch to see the shrinkage. Then knit the actual project. The S.S.P needs to be done by the 31st with nice pictures. I think it’ll go rather quick though. It is a good commuter project.

Wish me luck!


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