Ever have one of those moments where everything is going fine then suddenly it hits you. You made a really stupid obvious mistake.

Bunnies generally have two ears. I am making a set of bunny slippers. That’s two bunnies. So at two ears per head times two heads I need four ears. Then why on earth did I only make two? At least it’s a simple fix, not structural. It didn’t take long for me to whip up two more ears. They’ll be felting tonight and, with any luck, be mailed tomorrow.



If you though my last post Eating Crow was a little odd, it was. When I published it the first paragraph disappeared and I didn’t notice. I have no idea why it did that. I wasn’t copying and pasting it in. Oh well I wasn’t important. Just some small talk about the weather…


9 thoughts on “D’oh!

  1. They turned out very nicely, you are doing pretty well for just starting out the felting thing. Lamb’s pride is on of the best yarns to felt with for sure

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