Orbit of Insanity

I meant for the Blanket to be a stash buster. An in between projects project but, unfortunately, the Blanket is very addicting. I managed to make four squares yesterday alone. I’ve been digging around for sock weight yarn. I don’t have all that much sock yarn but I can at least make a start,


I frogged my Summit scarf  to feed my addiction.


I rationalized by saying “It’s been sitting in hibernation for months, the yarn will actually be used this way…” Here’s the Blanket as of this morning, I added a little more as I drank my coffee.


I’m sure you all can see the myriad of loose ends hanging off. Most of your are probably cringing too. I have been weaving ends as I go though, I’m trying to keep the orbit of insanity following this project to a minimum. Nevertheless it has already sucked me in.


5 thoughts on “Orbit of Insanity

  1. You are making good progress! And you have some lovely colors picked out already. I just noticed your Blog on Fire award button. What is that all about? It looks like it must be a good thing so I will say congratulations!!

    • Over the summer Agugas blog nominated me for the award. It was a blogger started award (I think) each peron who it was awarded to had to award it to eight other people and tell eight things about their pets. I just managed, yesterday, to figure out how to put that on the sidebar. So thanks for noticing!

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