Today was errands day. Over the course of three hours I dashed here and there, picking up last minutes items for Easter dinner. There were a few treasures in this egg-less Easter hunt. I bought a rainbow of Kool-Aid pouches for dyeing. I owe a friend a pair of slippers. She wants multicolored neon ones. The only neon yarn I could find online was plastic. So I think using Kool-Aid will be my best shot at achieving the colors she wants. Without the yarn squeaking as she walks.

Roy G. Biv

On a more natural note… I also bought two packets of seeds.


Lavender will produce a yellow color and will also keep moths from eating clothes dyed with it. Fennel will create a yellow or green color.


I started my birch bark dye. I boiled it then let it simmer. Here it is as of this afternoon. It’ll soak in here for a week or more. Then I’ll strain it and dye my white yarn completely. Afterwards I’m going to overdye 1/2 of it with coffee so I end up with a pink and brown variegated yarn for the Blanket. I hope.


It actually smelled good while it was boiling. Almost like pine. Of course here’s my progress on the Blanket.


8 and 1/2 squares out of 14 (or 15 I’m not 100% sure yet) for the bottom. If there was one thing about the Blanket that I didn’t like I’d have to say it would be doing the crochet cast on with a broken hook. I was checking out a new (to me) blog and the author said she wanted some chick fabric to make curtains out of. When I was in Jo-Ann Fabrics today this is the first thing I saw.


Chicks N’ Eggs


Parachuting Chicks

Personally I’d use Parachuting Chicks! 😉 Happy Easter Everyone!


4 thoughts on “Chicky-poo

  1. Wow, you are very knowledgeable about natural dyes. I took a dying class last summer, But we used chemical dyes, she told us they were much easier for painting yarn. It was a lot of fun to create my own colors though. I think I would go with the parachuting chicks too. 🙂

    • I’m a total newbie but I am able to remember almost anything I read so it seems like I know a lot more than I actually do. Then there’s the internet of course. 🙂 Aren’t the chicks just the cutest?

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