Out Like a Lamb

The temperature has been hovering around fifty for the past few days so, even though its drizzling today, I’d say this is lamb-like weather. I’ve been pretty busy this month. I accomplished everything on my list. I forgot to post this yesterday, here’s a picture of the finished Slouchy Hat!


I’m still not sure what to call it other than Slouchy Hat! I threaded elastic thread through the cast on stitches and now the brim, which was too wide, is nice and snug and it stays on my head.

Here’s my March Design It! entry. You know it as S.S.P.



They’re nice slouchy socks that one can wear around the house instead of slippers. Here’s the link if you want to see what everyone else came up with this month. There isn’t much to report about the Blanket today. I spent most of the morning cleaning but I did get some time in last night while watching Battleship (The Hitchcock was broken, who ever rented it from Netflix before us had cracked it and tried to glue it. 😦 )


I think I need to weave in some ends before I go any further. It’s getting a little messy. My goal is to finish the bottom row by Wednesday.


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