I have a few more pictures of Slouchy Hat! (Which I have renamed The White Cap. Clever eh?)



 The wind was blowing so hard I was afraid it would rip it right off of my head and into the lake. The White Cap is also now available on my patterns page and is now listed on Ravelry .

Yesterday I wanted to get creative. So I dyed what I had leftover from the Bunny Hoppers with Kool Aid. I pretty much just dove right in, I had no idea what I was doing whatsoever. I heated up some water and mixed in the packets. (I confess- I added some food coloring to each color, I was afraid the color wouldn’t stand out enough.).



Then I let the yarn soak in the dye for about an hour (it had reached the color I wanted). Then I took it out

IMG_2473 IMG_2479

 and rinsed out any excess Kool Aid. I discovered that glass bread pans work great for this. Then I hung it up to drip dry.


This is once it was dry.

The pink is a little bit lighter in reality than the picture. I wish I could describe more of what I was planning to do with it but I might be entering this in April Design it! contest once the thread comes up. All of this Kool Aid experimentation makes me wonder why people drink this stuff…


4 thoughts on “Kool!

  1. I am making a pair of slippers for a friend who is just as fun and bright as the yarn colors. She wears neon colors regularly and somehow pulls it off very nicely.

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