Spring seems to have finally arrived. The peepers have started up their sound which won’t stop until fall. I can keep my window open in the afternoons. I don’t need a jacket when I take the dogs out in the morning. You can hear the motorcycles pounding down the back roads surrounding the lake and our house. For the first time in months I turned the radio -a constant in our house- down so it could play second fiddle to the outside noises. This weather has come about rather suddenly. It had remained sunny but frigid all weekend and then yesterday morning when I took Wilbur and Coal outside at six I couldn’t help but notice that the air felt softer, not as icy, and I didn’t need the coat I had forgotten inside. (Hey -I was tired. I hadn’t even had any coffee yet.) When I got home that afternoon I noticed that some flowers had opened up. I grabbed my camera and snapped some pictures before the light faded. I actually remembered to set the camera to the foliage setting so they turned out pretty nice.


Copyright Cleo Lititz 2013


Copyright Cleo Lititz 2013

Even Persephone got in on the action. Copyright Cleo Lititz 2013

Even Persephone got in on the action.
Copyright Cleo Lititz 2013

I’m glad I got them when I could, five minutes after I was done it clouded up a bit. This morning I took a bowl of loose ends (mostly from the Blanket) I have been collecting for a month of so now out and put them out on our front porch railing. Hopefully they’ll help the birdies make some nests around the yard. I’ll have to check the bird boxes and rafters of our pole shed and pavilion in a couple of months.



I’ve been working on Jojo’s slippers. I finished the first sole last night. I’m not sure quite how big to make them, she’s taller than me so I’m going a little larger than my feet but I’m not sure how much larger to go. I’m just winging it and hoping it looks good. If not I can frog it. There isn’t much of a deadline. They just need to be done before June when she goes back to Germany.



2 thoughts on “Chirp

  1. How I love when the flowers come up and the trees come to life, love the bright colors against the neutral back round!

    That is such a clever use of loose ends!! I have never thought of doing that! Hope you’ll let us know if you find any being used by the birds!

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