Dandelions and Dafodils

I’m not a person who likes to buy yarn online; I like to smell it and squish it to death. But simply because of the lack of time I have, I have been buying it online more often. I jus received two skeins of sock weight yarn all the way from China. The shipping was free, that’s what hooked me on them. I don’t remember what the Ebay site said about them, and both the ball bands are in Chinese.


The birch bark dye isn’t looking very pink so I moved it outside to get a little more sun.


I went outside to see what was growing. I got rather carried away. I took pictures of our spindly little dogwood (I think that’s what it is…) tree,


a very determined daffodil


and this cute little flower that popped up right in the middle of our yard.


I finally did dig up some dandelions. I wanted to make red dye  from the roots but from  my research European Dandelions are needed so I’ll try making green from the leaves; there weren’t and flowers yet so no yellow.


I really do think a yellow cotton dress is in order. I’d probably order one of the internet since I can’t sew at all it seems. I’ve been working on Jojo’s slippers and I started the heel this afternoon.


I picked up the stitches from the cast on edge and I’m going to decrease it a little bit to keep them on her feet. The pink and  blue will pop with the white. On the flip side, I’m hoping, the white will keep the colors from being overwhelming. Saturday I was in an antique store and I stumbled upon this teeny Spinning wheel. If you move the treadle it actually will move all the parts. It is, believe it or not, a pencil sharpener.



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