Last night I was experiencing a serious case of second-sock-syndrome (or in this case slipper) I did manage to get this far though.

The second slipper on top of my sketchbooks. More on them in a bit.

The second slipper on top of my sketchbooks. More on them in a bit..

I decided to call this pattern Kumpel which is German for “pal or mate”. It sounds better than freund which means “friend” in German. I like to say it. Kumpel. Go ahead say Kumpel just once. It’ll make you smile; I promise. I am planning of finding a tech editor for this pattern because I want to do some grading and make these slippers available to everyone. From baby or toddlers all the way up to adults. I might come up with another flower option as well.

I am ordering my yarn for the April/May Design it! tonight once I get home from work. I’m thinking some Berroco…  Last night I had all the yarn picked out for the project I was originally going to make, but then, it didn’t seem right. Ya’ know? So then I started going back through my current sketchbook and I realized; there are tons of designs in there! Some are pretty crappy and never need to be cast on. Ever. But others weren’t so bad. They were mostly baby sweaters, the perfect little project if you ask me. Not that I have any little babies to knit for anyway. Rosie is hours away and not all that little anymore. 😦 After I got done rediscovering all of my old ideas and designs I decided to exhume my first knitting sketchbook.  More child sweaters. But I decided that I wanted to knit something to wear this summer.  After much deliberation I ended up deciding on a project I have been wanting to make for years. It has never ever got off of the drawing board.

I’d also like to congratulate Cathy on winning the March Design it! contest  with her  wristlet design. I follow her blog so go on and say hi.


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