Feeling Blue

Today’s assignment is to write about our favorite color for knitted projects. I would have to say my overall favorite color is purple; but when I knit I like to use blues and purple’s equally. People have been telling me that blue brings out my eyes my whole life. I suppose that’s why I’m drawn to blue; it just seems to be a ‘good’ color even if the project isn’t for me. When I use purple it is almost always in a project for me. I just like it. No real reason behind it as far as I can tell. Although purple has blue in it, so maybe that’s why?


Notice all the blues and purples. Also, the two yarns I ordered from China are blue.


Not for me, but blue!



Also not for me but it’s blueish



These have blue AND purple.


Flo finished

Rosie’s elephant is blue.



The One Skein Wonder Sweater is also blue.



Finally, Tychus is blue, too.



Wow, some of these projects are from right when I started this blog. But blue really is a color I’ve been working with a lot. As I was adding the pictures I was surprised by the number of project’s I’ve made with blue in them. It was more than I had originally thought. Even the yarn I ordered for Podsters 2.0 is blue. Actually it’s similar to the shade of blue Rosie’s elephant. I guess I’m just a blue gal. What colors do you like to use?


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