Birch Bark: Day 1

With my day off I decided to dye my cotton yarn with the birch bark dye I have been letting sit over the past month.

Please ignore the kitty who wouldn't listen to me and stay out of the frame.

Please ignore the kitty who wouldn’t listen to me and stay out of the frame.

I was surfing around and found a post about another blogger’s experience dying with birch bark. She says: “It is said that if you boil this dyebath, you will hate your life.   Boiling is bad news for bark.(Grackle & Sun) If you remember back to when I started the dye bath I did boil it. I’m hoping letting it sit for a few days will help. I also shredded my remaining birch bark and ended up with 35 grams. Not a lot, but it’s a start.

The Chamomile seeds I planted last Saturday have started sprouting. Like crazy. Two days ago I noticed four. Now there are about eight to ten.


They’ll definitely need a bigger pot soon.


These Dandelions have appeared, literally, over night. Yesterday afternoon; not a single flower anywhere. This morning; BAM! They’re everywhere. Not that I’m complaining. I spent a good portion of them morning picking Violets and Dandelions.


I’m ready for round two with the Violets. I’ve been picking them all week and letting them dry. I’m going to try it with different fibers and mordants. I want to get that green.

Note: The post I referenced in the first link is almost a year old. If you want to read her current posts click here.


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