Birch Bark: Day 4


I let the birch bark yarn sit all weekend and this is what I got.How anticlimactic. It went from white to off white. I’m not sure if I’ll over dye it (I probably will) and with what. Maybe onion skins if they ever grow. Or fennel, my sprouts are shooting up.

Remember that thing? What was it? Oh yeah. it’s called knitting. It was the whole reason I started this blog. This weekend I actually managed to do some of that. Over the weekend I worked on Podster 2.0.


I am about 1/2 way through the palm. I’m a few rounds away from getting the hood stitches marked. Not much longer now and I’ll be on the fingers!

Today my friend Lissa gave me a souvenir from her trip to boston about two weeks ago. (This is a record for her; she can never remember to give souvenirs to anyone after she gets back from her trips.) She bought me some wonderful 100% wool yarn.


I’m thinking another hat or some gloves. There isn’t a lot to work with. 100 yards.


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