Yesterday afternoon I returned home to see this.


This loveliness is 2 ounces of a Silver Alpaca/silk blend. I also received a bobette of and a sample of fleece soap.


(Now would anyone mind explaining what a bobette is? :)) The person on the other end of this wonderful purchase was Miss Babs. I bought this fiber off of ebay  but if you go to her website you can buy some there too. If you’re interested, ya’know?

Anyway, I wanted to try spinning it as soon as possible. I wound up what I had been spinning (some of that leftover wool I’ve shown you before… It’s not all that great. But it works for practice) and let it soak.  (more on this yarn later)

I immediately tried out the new alpaca, like supper can wait immediately (It was hamburgers but no tomatoes… yet) lol. Spinning this alpaca after only ever spinning scratchy wool was like spinning clouds. It was so easy too.


I dug up a mint plant the other day and transplanted it into a pot. I got the mint from along-side the road so the ground was very rocky. That being said, I was unable to dig up nearly as much of the roots as I had hoped to. It was looking rather wilty so I put a shish-ka-bob skewer down next it (away from the main tap-root; think dandelion root) and loosely twist-tied it to the skewer. It survived our first thunder-storm of the season last night and is looking considerably better. Here it is amongst all of the Mother’s Day flowers.


Ok back to the wool yarn I was spinning. I hung it up last night to let it dry. I ended up with 19 yards (20 grams, about one ounce). The thickness ranges from fingering weight to worsted in some spots. I guess I need more practice. I am planning to dye it with Dandelion leaves and roots that I collected and dried out. Right now the dye is still cooking So I’ll update you on that next time.


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