Summer and a Blanket (What could go wrong?

Summer is here. With its sweltering temperatures and the box fan in my bedroom window running a marathon to cool me down. It makes a rather peculiar clicking sound unless turned up to three. Which it is.

As I pack for our annual Memorial Day camping trip I’m hard-pressed to imagine needing the jeans or sweatshirt I tossed in.

I’m hoping to get some knitting time in on my new S.S.P. (Super secret project) or maybe the Blanket over my extended weekend.

I took the Blanket to work today even though it is getting too big to be a travel wip. I managed to knit up my first border block.

And I got a square done a while back with the Patons yarn. I just forgot to show you.

I’ve also been working on the fingers of Podster 2.0 and I am on the pinky.

Before I head out for work, I have some news. I’m going to be doing a demonstration of how to dye yarn with Koolaid. I can’t promise anything, but depending on the results there might be a giveaway in the near future. So stay tuned.
(By the way: Sorry about the crappy photos. The iPod is hosting this post, my camera is mia. I really need to get more organized.)


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