Frogging, Yarnstorming, Knitting etc…

I have been busy since I last posted. I have been spinning, dying, knitting, frogging, re-knitting. More on all of that later though.

First of All

Congratulations to Sarah Lou who won the giveaway! Check your inbox, I have been in contact.


I would also like to thank everyone who participated in this giveaway. I normally reply to everyone’s comments, but this time I couldn’t due to the numbering. I will go back through and reply to everyone as soon as I get a second though.

Yarn Bombing

On Sunday my brother and I (he’s a fellow knitter) went yarn bombing. I put out two if my own tags. I think I got him hooked. He seemed a little embarrassed by it. Nonetheless I will bring him over to the dark side! Mua ha ha ha!


Mr. Dino Rawr

Our first tag was Mr. Dino Rawr. I’ve been talking about him for months but hadn’t decided where to leave him. I left him on the steps outside of our favorite local pizza parlour after supper while Calvin watched from the van. Yes we were driving a white van. How cliché! But it was a minivan so I guess it wasn’t that bad…

Monster Foot

Monster Foot


Pattern by: Mandy Moore

By this time Calvin had warmed up to the idea so he left this one while I took pictures. We left it downtown outside a café where all the lunchtime foot-traffic would see it.


I worked on the alpaca/silk blend some more and I had reached the point where I was having issues keeping the fiber on the shaft. It wouldn’t pile out horizontally, just up to  the top and over my hitch not. So I wound it around a chair.


As you can see, this chair has knobby decoration thingies up at the top. It also gets wider the closer to the top you get. I didn’t see any of this, as I was wrapping, though. I only noticed all of that when I tried to slip the yarn up off of the top. It. Wouldn’t. Come. Off. So I unwound it onto my palm and went and for a chair one yard around that had a completely straight back. I did end up with 52 & 1/2  yards so it was worth it. I’m only about 1/2 way through the two ounces I bought.


Here it is before its bath. I think I over-spun it. That’s why it’s twisting around itself in skein form.

Knitting and Frogging and then Re-Knitting

Ok last part! (Whew this is a long post today!) I’ve been working on Podster 2.0 a lot. Monday night I finished the hood part on my left hand. I tried it on.

IMG_3018   IMG_3019

I don’t know if you can tell from these pictures (I’m trying to keep the file size smallish. Sorry!) but the hood is too short. The top is not resting on the tip of my fingers and the ribbing was pulled up. I had two choices. The easy choice, and the choice a small voice inside my head was suggesting. So I did what any dedicated knitter would do. I listened to the voices in my head.

Um. Ok, that sounds odd. Another way to put it is; I frogged the hood down to before the decreases started. And Voila! All better.

IMG_3026 IMG_3028

Ignore my green nail polish.

I guess I’ll tell you about my dye experiments  next time. This post is just huge already. Here’s a teaser picture though! 😉




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