I’ve been working with yarn a lot lately. I’ve been spinning and dyeing and, of couse, knitting.


Here’s my sock yarn after a dyeing it with mint and adding an iron after-mordant. Grey. The book said it would be teal or grey. I was really hoping for teal. Maybe the ph of my water had something to do with it?


I’ve been working on some mint solar dye. It’s leftovers from before. There hasn’t been much solar action lately, so it’s slow going.

I’ve been spinning more of the Alpaca/Silk. I’m trying to finish up the 2 oz.


Depending on how much I get, I might be buying more. I really want to knit a shawl out of it. I’ve been surfing around, but I’m not sure if I’ve seen anything I like. I have never knit a shawl before so I don’t know if this is a good project to try to design… Thoughts?

Here’s the first skein after its bath.




The yarn has fluffed up quite a bit. It has a bit of a halo. I love how soft and fuzzy it is. I don’t think I’ll be dyeing it; I like the colors the way they are.

I’ve been getting some KIP time with the Podster 2.0 gloves. I’m on the cuff of the second.


The angle of the picture makes the cuff look super long but it is actually about 2 & 1/2 inches. About one inch to go.


6 thoughts on “Yarn!

  1. I have been on a mega shawl kick and highly recommend them. My go-to pattern is a “basic triangular shawl” or something where you knit until you run out of yarn in garter stitch and involves a lot of striping…great for those odd bits of handspun. They are also oh so useful omg.

  2. I love the grey! I think it is very soft and pretty. I have never dyed by yarn before, but I wanted to try. Any tips? I have a 100% cotton in white that I wanted to dye a beautiful tangerine color.

    • I would recommend the WordPress blog Grackle & Sun. The writer does a lot of dying and describes everything in great detail. I would also recommend buying the book the handbook of natural plantdyes. It’s a little pricey ($25) bu tit’s a great start. I’d also join a natural dye group on ravelry. People are so nice about helping.
      As for the tangerine yarn… Calendula and madder root with a mordant of 15% WOF alum and a modifier of5% WOF cream of tartar. (WOF is weight of fiber. This is why I recommended the book. She explains mordants and the like.) Onion skins will also you an orange-ish tangerine color. Good Luck!

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