Last night I took advantage of my one night of this week and went to Jo-Ann Fabrics. I receive the circular of coupons and I had something in mind to use the 50%-off-on-one-item one. An electric ball winder. I was lucky and the ball winder was included in the sale.

I took her home, set her up, and christened her Mabel. That was when the fun began.


I set up Mabel and the swift on the floor of my knitting alcove; my perpetual disorganization keeps me from having much desk space. The first thing I decided to wind up was my mint yarn. I plan to use it for my next square on the Blanket. As Mabel did her thing a fair amount of difficulties arose. First, my skein was somewhat reluctant to unwind. Second the swift didn’t want to cooperate, it kept sliding around and not spinning. I might have to buy one rather than use the tinker toy one I built.

After a fair amount of cursing and mumbling under my breath Mabel produced a cake of yarn.


Glorious, is it not?

This morning I decided to try again. This time with a ball of yarn I had previously wound. Also for the Blanket.


This time it went much smoother. Must have been the swift.

Before I picked up Mabel I stepped into T.J. Maxx. There I found a wonderful box.


It’s made of rolled up magazine pages. It was so quirky felt that I should buy it. I don’t usually impulse buy, but if something is out there enough I do. Occasionally. Yarn doesn’t count. I decided it would be a better home for the Blanket yarn than my basket by my comfy chair. A box with a lid Persephone cannot get into.


I’m off to  a good start aren’t I?

And, just because I haven’t done this in a while:

IMG_3265 IMG_3266

Persephone Spam!

13 thoughts on “Mabel

  1. I’ve been thinking about getting an electric ball winder for a while but have never met anyone who’s used one. I can see by your post that they are worth it as long as you have a swift that co-opperates with it. Is there any other little things you can tell me about owning/using one??

    • I would recommend getting one that has a suction cup on the bottom of it. That makes it much easier to keep everything in one place. Also, if you’re winding a hand-wound ball of yarn I would recommend slipping the yarn through the winder’s handle. This keeps the yarn behind the hook that you thread it through and this will keep the yarn from unhooking from the eye. Good luck with your electric ball winder decision!

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